System: Hybrid FATE/nWoD
p. (You don’t need to know ANYTHING about either.)
h3. Theme: Gritty Pulpy Magicpunk Noir
p. Gritty: at least at the beginning you’re going to start at the bottom, as flunkies that have joined the neighborhood gang because it was the default way to be “safe” and part of the in group.
p. Pulpy: You’re not going to stay that way. Larger than life adventure awaits with magic and conspiracies and, plenty of action (if not always the combat kind).
p. Noir: On the dark side of pulp. Something is probably out to get you; you’re not just paranoid. It’s also probably stronger than you. If fact, it’s probably more than one big bad, and they might fight over or team up.
p. Magicpunk: All the bad and good of the industrial revolution but with the motivating technology being magic.
h3. Style: Sandbox with a mix of Resource and Time management.
h3. Setting: Eberron, initally Sharn
h3. Characters: Young Adult Goblinoids


Arcane Graffiti